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Arboga A/S
We have manufactured powerful quality grinding and polishing machines for the industry for more than 90 years.
Arboga A/S
ARBOGA is known for its powerful quality grinding and polishing machines manufactured at our factory in Brovst.

ARBOGA’s history 


1923     “Elektriska fabrikken Jansson och Larsson” (Jansson and Larsson Electric Factory), manufacturer of various kinds of electrical appliances, starts up. 

1930:     The factory moves to the town of Arboga, and in 1932 the company switches to manufacturing drills and sanders in various sizes and qualities. 

1937     The company converts into the limited liability company ARBOGA AB. The products were already very much in demand in Sweden at the time, as well as in a number of export markets.  

1969     In the end of 1969, the management at the time realises that a modernisation and streamlining of manufacturing is necessary in order to be able to keep up with the demand. So, they invested a large amount in expanding the factory with foundry. 
Unfortunately, 1976 saw a sharp decline in industrial activity, and along with a failed production start-up in the new foundry, they had to realise that they would not be able to recoup the large investment. 

1978    The decline resulted in a petition for bankruptcy, followed by several attempts to rescue the company and its employees, but the downturn in the economy continued into the early 1980s. 

1982     On 29 October, ARBOGA AB finally files for bankruptcy, since it was not possible to rescue Arboga AB. In 1983, a group from Stockholm announces its interest in acquiring the manufacture, which becomes a reality. 

1990    ARBOGA AB continued producing drilling and grinding machines till end of the eighties where all the Swedish manufacturers of drilling machines agreed to make a joint venture. The idea with the joint venture was to become one of the biggest manufacturer of drilling machines in Europe. Jens Martin Nielsen, founder of Scantool Group, heard about this joint venture. He contackted the owner of ARBOGA AB and asked if they were interest in selling the production of grinding and polishing machine now where they want to focus on drilling machines. Jens Martin Nielsen succeeded and took over the production of grinding and polishing machines for ARBOGA AB in 1990. With this investment Scantool Group became the biggest manufacturer of grinding and polishing machines in Scandinavian.

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